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How to configure Macaw in the “noob mode”

I have recently purchased a MIDI keyboard (this particular model, to be exact) to learn playing piano without annoying the neighbours. As I did, however, I had only a vague idea of how to actually synthesize sounds with it. I … Continue reading

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How to wait for a remote process in PowerShell

A short one today. I’ve been scripting in PowerShell (v1) recently, and had enormous trouble working on remote PCs (the full remoting functionality has not been enabled in our environment yet, so things like Enter-PSSession don’t work). One thing that … Continue reading

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How to configure a SoundFont in Windows 7

As you may already know, the MIDI sound file format does not contain any sounds per se. Instead, it is something like a score sheet that tells your operating system which sounds to play at certain times and for how … Continue reading

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How to generate a deterministic GUID from two strings in Java

Currently working on MSI packaging for our software and using WiX tool suite to automate the process. Since it was decided that we don’t want to use patches, I had to implement pseudo-major upgrades for each version.  Now, the problem … Continue reading

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Another day, another blog

I’ve founded yet another blog, though this time, it’s on my own private site. Go me! Tinkered with the design a little, but I seem to like the default one best. The header image is courtesy of Dru! from Flickr, … Continue reading

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