How to copy HTML tables to MS Excel

A quite simple question, really, but I’ve had some trouble with it today.

Basically, the answer depends on your browser:

  • Internet Explorer (at least the v9.0.2 that I have) allows you to copy an HTML table with Ctrl-C and paste it directly into Excel with Ctrl-V. All data, including hyperlinks and images will be copied to Excel, which can become a problem if you only want text data.
  • Mozilla Firefox (I have the v6.0.2) isn’t on speaking terms with the MS Office, so when you try to copy-paste HTML tables into Excel, you get it all crammed into a single cell. There is a trick, however: copy-paste the table from Firefox to Notepad. This will create a tab-separated “table”, which can be then copy-pasted to Excel (at least the Excel 2007 SP2). This will strip the data off hyperlinks, formatting, and images (replaced by alt-texts), however.

So there. Depending on whether you want to preserve the formatting or get rid of it, you should take one browser or the other.

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